Ufone Internet Packages 2023 3G/4G Daily, Weekly & Monthly


The Ufone internet packages 2023  are the best way to go for those people who are not happy with the service they are receiving in their home network. The only thing that you should be aware of when you are considering the services offered by Ufone is that they will charge you for those extra services that you don’t need. So, if you are planning to save some money and don’t want to spend much then it is a good option for you.

Nowadays there are many services that offer data packages for the internet. However, there is a lack of quality information about these offers, especially among mobile phone users. Ufone offers a variety of packages depending on your requirement and needs. You can choose any package you want to avail from the range of packages offered by Ufone. There are daily packages, monthly packages and even yearly packages.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

There are so many Ufone daily internet packages 2023 you should compare them before you make a final choice. With all the great deals in the market, you may be confused where to buy. You will get good offers from internet packages that are not the same as others.

Check out our all daily internet packages below:

Package NameDataValidityPriceSubscription Code
Daily Whatsapp Offer100 MB WhatsApp01 DayRs. 1.20 (incl.tax)*987#
Best Morning Offer2GB (9AM – 12PM)01 DayRs. 6 (incl. tax)*4200#
Ufone Daily Chat
500 MB
10000 SMS
01 DayRs. 6 (incl.tax)*3465#
Ufone Special Daily 3G Package50 MB01 DayRs. 7 (incl.tax)*3461#
Ufone Streaming 1 Hour500MB01 DayRs. 10 (incl.tax)*78#
Daily Off Peak Plus1.5 GB (6AM-6PM)01 DayRs. 12 (incl. tax)*10#
Daily Light40 MB
1 GB Social Networks
01 DayRs. 13 (incl.tax)*2256#
Mega Internet2 GB01 DayRs. 17 (incl.tax)*550#
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package75 MB
500 MB Social Bundle
01 DayRs. 18 (incl.tax)*2258#
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer100 Free Net Mints
10 MB
01 DayRs. 19 (incl.tax)*888#

Daily Off Peak Plus

  • Data: 1.5 GB (6AM-6PM)
  • Validity: 01 Day
  • Dial: *10#
  • Price: Rs. 12 (incl. tax)

Daily Light

  • Data: 40 MB + 1GB Social
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Dial: *2256#
  • Price: Rs. 13 (incl.tax)

Mega Internet

  • Data: 2GB
  • Validity: 12 AM – 12 PM
  • Dial: *550#
  • Price: Rs. 17 (incl.tax)

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Ufone Weekly Internet Packages 2023

Internet packages are the cheapest form of data usage, and they usually come with a lot of disadvantages, but if you don’t have unlimited data, they may still be a perfect alternative for you. Ufone offers different data bundles for Rs. 60, Rs. 80, and Rs. 100 per day. The Rs. 60 plan is a basic plan with a low speed limit, and the Rs. 100 plan is an internet package with a very high speed limit. These packages come with a lot of disadvantages, such as limited validity, speed limitations, and limited data. They are suitable only for occasional use.

Package NameInternetVailidityPriceSubscription Code
WEEKLY SNACKVIDEO OFFER2.5 GB Snackvideo07 DaysRs. 60 (Load)*265#
UFONE TIKTOK OFFER1.5 GB Tiktok07 DaysRs. 60 (Load)*2345#
INTERNET MAX OFFER25 GB (1 AM till 9 AM )07 DaysRs. 80 (Load)*2570#
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer100 MB
700 On Net Mints
07 DaysRs. 100*8888#
YOUTUBE OFFER5 GB YouTube07 DaysRs. 110 (Load)*5883#
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer1 GB
100 on net mints
100 SMS
07 DaysRs. 120*5050#
Ufone Best Weekly Offer2 GB Internet
1000 on net mints
07 DaysRs. 120*7070#
SUPER INTERNET1.5 GB07 DaysRs. 150 (Load)*220#
WEEKLY INTERNET PLUS10GB (includes 5GB from 1am to 9am)07 DaysRs. 199 (Load)*260#
UPOWER INTERNET16GB (includes 8GB from 2am to 2pm)07 DaysRs. 250 (Load)*270#
Ufone & PTCL 5000 mints
07 DaysRs. 299 (Load)*7777#

Internet Max Offer

  • Data: 25 GB (1 AM till 9 AM )
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Dial: *2570#
  • Price: Rs. 80 (Load)

Super Internet

  • Data: 1.5 GB
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Dial: *220#
  • Price: Rs. 150 (Load)

Weekly Internet Plus

  • Data: 10GB (includes 5GB from 1am to 9am)
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Dial: *260#
  • Price: Rs. 199 (Load)

UPower Internet

  • Data: 16GB (includes 8GB from 2am to 2pm)
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Dial: *270#
  • Price: Rs. 250 (Load)

Sab Se Bari Offer

  • Internet: 40 GB
  • Ufone & PTCL mins: 5000
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Dial: *7777#
  • Price: Rs. 299 (Load)

Ufone Internet Packages Monthly 2023

The Internet has brought a lot of change, and one of the changes has been the emergence of different means of communication. These are some of the common ways people communicate: Email, text messaging, instant messaging, voice calls, chat room, web mail, social networking sites and blogs, and so on. Here are all ufone monthly packages of Internet 2023.

Package NameDataValidityPriceSubscription Code
MONTHLY WHATSAPP OFFER6 GB WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 50 (Load)*987#
SOCIAL MONTHLY1 GB Social30 DaysRs. 65 (incl. tax)*5858#
MONTHLY FACEBOOK OFFER6 GB Facebook 30 DaysRs. 100 (Load)*987#
Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer1 GB Internet
2 GB Social Networks
30 DaysRs. 250 (incl. tax)*3#
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer400 MB Internet
4000 on net mints
30 DaysRs. 430 (incl. tax)*8888#
SUPER INTERNET PLUS18GB (includes 9GB from 1am to 9am)30 DaysRs. 529 (Load)*290#
Ufone Super Card Plus3 GB Internet + 5GB Facebook + 2 GB WhatsApp + 2000 on net mints + 4200 SMS30 DaysRs. 649 (incl. tax)*250#
Monthly Heavy Internet30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am)30 DaysRs. 699 (Load)*310#
Ufone Super Card Max7 GB Internet + 5GB Facebook + 2GB WhatsApp + 250 Off net mints + Unlimited on net mints + 4500 SMS30 Days Rs. 749 (incl. tax)*629#
Ufone Super Card Gold20GB Internet + 10GB + 7GB FB & 3GB WA + Unlimited on net mints + 500 Off net mints + Unlimited SMS30 Days Rs. 999 (incl. tax)*900#
Ufone Monthly Max10GB Internet + 2 GB Social Bundles30 DaysRs. 1560 (incl. tax)*5100#

Super Internet Plus

  • Data: 18GB (includes 9GB from 1am to 9am)
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Dial: *290#
  • Price: Rs. 529 (Load)

Monthly Heavy Internet

  • Data: 30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am)
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • Dial: *310#
  • Price: Rs. 699 (Load)

Other Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Pakistan (UIP) is one of the most important communication mediums for people in Pakistan. They provide excellent quality services and have excellent customer service in general. They are a popular brand in Pakistan. One of the main reasons why Ufone is a popular brand is due to their strong branding. Ufone has used their brand effectively to reach its customers.

Package NameDataVailidityPriceSubscription Code
Ufone Nayi Sim Double Offer20GB Internet + 7 GB FB & 2 GB WhatsApp + 10500 on net mints + 1000 off net mints + 10000 SMS--Rs. 00--
Ufone Power Hour60MB Internet + 60 on net mints + 60 SMS1 HourRs. 7.17*99#
Ufone 3 Day Bucket100MB Internet + 500MB Facebook3 DaysRs. 30*3350#
Ufone Super Recharge Offer100MB Internet + 300 on net mints + 20 off net mints + 700 SMS2 DaysRs. 60*300#
Ufone Mini Super Card1GB Internet + 600 on net mints + 75 off net mints + 3500 SMS15 DaysRs. 349*230#

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