All NayaTel Internet Packages and TV 2023

Nayatel Internet Packages 2023 are one of the best internet bundles in Pakistan. Nayatel offers affordable, reliable and high-quality internet access. Its internet services include broadband internet, phone lines, TV package, and more. Nayatel has launched in 2001 in Pakistan, it became a well-known company in this region. It’s the fastest growing company in Pakistan and fastest growing ISP company in Pakistan. We are highlighting all Phone, TV and Internet Packages of Nayatel at below. So, have a look on it to choose best bundle.

NayaTel Internet Packages 2023

NayaTel offers data plans at low rates for consumers who want access to broadband internet. They are known for providing high-speed, fast connections. The company targets customers who do not have the technical knowledge to connect to the internet and need basic services for a low price.

The NayaTel internet packages are available with all types of packages, as well as high-speed internet packages for homes, businesses, schools, hotels, etc. They come with a 10/100Mbps, a 10/100Mbps with fiber, or an Ethernet connection. The high-speed internet package comes with a speed of 25/25 Mbps, 50/50 Mbps, or 100/100 Mbps. These services are provided via a DSL modem, router and ADSL internet. In addition, they come with a monthly price for the packages with speeds ranging from Rs. 1199 to Rs. 10499, depending on the type of package and speed offered. All of the internet packages come with free installation.

Home Unlimited5mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 1199/-
Home Unlimited7mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 1330/-
Unlimited 10mbps10mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 1575/-
Unlimited 15mbps15mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 1870/-
Unlimited 18mbps18mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 2280/-
Unlimited 20mbps20mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 2575/-
Unlimited 25mbps25mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 2950/-
UNLIMITED 30Mbps30mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 3450/-
UNLIMITED 50Mbps50mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 5250/-
UNLIMITED 70Mbps70mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 7650/-
UNLIMITED 100Mbps100mbpsUnlimited30 DaysRs. 10499/-

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Home Internet Plans

There are 2 types of home internet plans. You can use these plan for your home purpose on multiple devices. If your internet usage is less than 5 devices then you should go ahead on these packages. These packages are also famous with name of “Student Package”.

Student Unlimited

  • Speed: 5mbps speed
  • Bandwidth: 5mbps
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Price: 1,199/month

Student Unlimited2

  • Speed: 7mbps
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Price: 1,330/month

Home Monthly NayaTel Internet Packages 2023

There are many options for Home Unlimited Nayatel Internet Packages which are mention below. So, you can choose anyone package which suit to your business and fulfill your need.

Unlimited 10Mbps

  • Speed: 10Mbps
  • Download Data: Unlimited
  • Price : 1,575 per month

Unlimited 15Mbps

  • Speed: 15Mbps
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Price: 1,870 per month

Unlimited 18Mbps

  • Data: Unlimited
  • Speed: 18Mbps
  • Price: 2,280 per month

Unlimited 20Mbps

  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Speed: 20Mbps
  • Price: 2,575 per month

Unlimited 25Mbps

  • Download Speed: 25Mbps
  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Price: 2,950 per month

Unlimited 30Mbps

  • Download Speed: 30Mbps
  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Price: 3,450 per month

Unlimited 50Mbps

  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Download Speed: 50Mbps
  • Price: PKR-5,250 per month

Unlimited 75Mbps

  • Download Speed: 75Mbps
  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Price: PKR-7,650 per month

Unlimited 100Mbps

  • Data Limit: Unlimited
  • Download Speed: 100Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 10,499 per month

NayaTel Monthly Corporate Internet Packages

There are different corporate internet packages of Nayatel 2023 which are specially for business and corporation. In these packages speed of internet is high and bandwidth is also high. So, they can use on multiple devices without losing speed. So, If you are corporate owner and want to connect your employees online then these packages are suitable for you.

Package Speed Volume Price in PKR Per Month Additional Charges Per GB
CONNECT 1024 30M 30Mbps 1024 GB Rs. 10700 Rs. 60
CONNECT 1430 35M 35Mbps 1430 GB Rs. 14900 Rs. 60
CONNECT 2048 35M 35Mbps 2048 GB Rs. 21400 Rs. 50
CONNECT 2560 40M 40Mbps 2560 GB Rs. 26900 Rs. 60
CONNECT 3072 40M 40Mbps 3072 GB Rs. 33600 Rs. 70
CONNECT 3580 45M 45Mbps 3580 GB Rs. 37000 Rs. 60

CONNECT 1024 30M

  • Volume: 1024GB
  • Speed: 30Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 10,700 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 60 per GB

CONNECT 1430 35M

  • Volume: 1430 GB
  • Speed: 35Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 14,900 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 60 per GB

CONNECT 2048 35M

  • Volume: 2048 GB
  • Speed: 35Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 21,400 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 50 per GB

CONNECT 2560 40M

  • Volume: 2560 GB
  • Speed: 40Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 26,900 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 60 per GB

CONNECT 3072 40M

  • Volume: 3072 GB
  • Speed: 40Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 33,600 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 70 per GB

CONNECT 3580 45M

  • Volume: 3580 GB
  • Speed: 45Mbps
  • Price: PKR. 37,000 per Month
  • Additional Usage Charges: Rs 60 per GB

Unlimited Bundle Packages

NayaTel offer 3 Unlimited bundle for their customers. These packages bunldes come with Unlimited Streaming and Downloads for Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, Hangout, Google Drive and Google Play Store. These Nayatel unlimited bundles are other than your internet packages 2023. Government taxes are applicable. Prices can change for different cities.

Package Speed Downloads Online Streaming Price
Basic 10Mbps Unlimited YouTube Rs. 250 per month
Extreme 50Mbps Unlimited YouTube & Netflix Rs. 749 per month
Plus 30Mbps Unlimited YouTube & Netflix Rs. 499 per month

NayaTel TV Packages

Nayatel is providing internet, phone and TV services. They are offering best nayatel TV Packages with internet and phone. So, if you are in need of TV service with internet then these packages are for you can see many options for TV and Internet.

TV PackageMonthly ChargesChannels
Basic Cable TV
Rs. 400Analog Channels
Digital BoxRs. 350Analog Channels
Digital Channels
HD Channels
Joy BoxRs. 500Analog Channels
Digital Channels
HD Channels

NayaTel Phone, TV and Internet Packages

Triple Play Package include with phone, tv and internet. These packages come with triple service. If you need tv, phone and internet package bundle. Then you should have look on it.

PackageDownload SpeedData LimitMonthly Charges
TRIPLE PLAY @ 5 Mbps5MbpsUnlimitedPKR- 1,399
TRIPLE PLAY @ 7 Mbps7MbpsUnlimitedPKR- 1,530
TRIPLE PLAY @ 10 Mbps10MbpsUnlimitedPKR-1,775
TRIPLE PLAY @ 15 Mbps15MbpsUnlimitedPKR-2,070
TRIPLE PLAY @ 18 Mbps18MbpsUnlimitedPKR-2,480
TRIPLE PLAY @ 20 Mbps20MbpsUnlimitedPKR-2,775
TRIPLE PLAY @ 25 Mbps25MbpsUnlimitedPKR-3,150
TRIPLE PLAY @ 30 Mbps30MbpsUnlimitedPKR-3,650
TRIPLE PLAY @ 50 Mbps50MbpsUnlimitedPKR-5,450
TRIPLE PLAY @ 70 Mbps70MbpsUnlimitedPKR-7,850
TRIPLE PLAY @ 100 Mbps100MbpsUnlimitedPKR-10,699

Naya TV Packages

Naya TV packages characterized by two types “Non-NayaTel Internet” and “NayaTel Internet”. Check out these Naya TV Packages for both non nayatel and nayatel users.

Non NayaTel Internet

If you want to use NayaTel TV but on another internet then your package will be this.

Package No. of Channels No. of Screens Features Price
Basic 60+ Single Web, App Rs. 75 per month
Extreme 60+ 4 Web, App, TV App Rs. 250 per month

NayaTel Internet

If you use Naya TV on NayaTel Internet then you can choose any package which are mention below.

PacakgeNo. of ChannelsNo. of ScreensFeaturesPrice Per Month
NayaTV Live60+ Live Channels4Web Platform, IOS/Android AppRs. 175
NayaTV VOD2,000 + movies, seasons & documentaries4Web Platform, IOS/Android AppRs. 175
NayaTV Plus60+ Live Channels42,000 + movies, seasons & documentaries | Web Platforms | IOS/Android AppRs. 350
NAYA TV PREMIUM60+ Live Channels42,000 + movies, seasons & documentaries | Web Platforms | IOS/Android App | Android TV App(Only 1 screen at a time)Rs. 500

Upfront Charges

Upfront chargest of NayaTel are below for both home and corporate customers. Total Rs. 13000 will be applicable to pay at time of new connection. If at time of your connection any deal is live then you will get discounted price of installation charges.

Nayatel Internet Pacakges 2023 Corporate Nayatel Internet Pacakges

Coverage Areas of NayaTel

Nayatel is not providing it’s services in all over the Pakistan. But it’s services are in few cities of Pakistan. People from following cities are enjoying from it’s services.

  1. Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  2. Faisalabad
  3. Peshawar
  4. Gujranwala
  5. Sargodha
  6. Multan

In these 6 cities NayaTel is providing it’s services in different areas. You can also get the areas location in these cities by calling nayatel agent and visit their website. So, if you belongs to these cities then you can enjoy from NayaTel Internet services.


NayaTel is emerging Internet service provider in Pakistan. They are providing quality services in 6 cities of Pakistan and aim to provide their services in other cities. So, that they can get position in internet service provider company. They are providing broadband internet services. We have highlight some points on NayaTel Internet Packages 2023 for home and business corporation. If you feel any missing package in this list. Then you can ask in comment section or contact us for more details. Our team will analyze your concern issue and work on it. Soon your issue will remove.

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