List of All Best Top 10 Hotels in Neelum Valley With Rates


Neelum Valley is most beautiful Valley in Azad Kashmir. It is very eye-catching valley in Pakistan. People love to stay here. Azad Kashmir is in Pakistan and have many visiting places. People say “Kashmir is heaven on earth”. Pakistan is lucky to have Azad Kashmir. One of the problems is that there is lack of best hotels in Neelum Valley. Because people don’t know where they should stay night. Now it is not difficult to find best hotels. We are providing list of all hotels in Neelum Valley.

Best Neelum Valley Hotels

Top 10 Hotels in Neelum Valley

List is here which is arranged after careful customer reviews and our expert tourist team. These are top 10 hotels which should be choose for stay at night. Room price for one night is average. You can stay at Neelum Valley in average reasonable price.

Sr. No. Hotel Name Address Rate
1 Poushmal Hotel Keran Keran Neelum Valley 5500
2 Park River Guest House Sharda Sharda Neelum Valley 5500
3 Green Village View Resort Neelum Valley 9500
4 State Continental Kutton Resort Kutton Jagran Valley 4500
5 Kutton Jagran Resort Kutton Jagran valley of Neelum District 3500
6 Kashmir Lodges Sharda Main Bazar Sharda Neelum Valley 2000
7 Neelum Star River Guest House Sharda Neelum Valley 5500
8 DREAMLAND GUEST HOUSE Shakot Athmuqam Neelum valley 4500
9 PC Resort Keran Keran Neelum Valley 4000
10 River Inn Guest House 1 km before Athamaqam, Neelum Valley 3500

List of All Neelum Valley Hotels

We are sharing List of all cheap guest houses in Neelum Valley, Sharda and Keran. List is here which is included hotel name, address and rate list per night. All hotels are arranged in in serious with respect of customer reviews and our tourist team. You may also share your review with us. Also, if you found any issues and missing guest house. You can talk us in comment section or contact us form.

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Sr. No. Hotel Name Address Rate
1 Shangrila Sharda Resort Sharda Bazaar Neelum Valley 2500
2 Pine Park Lodges Neelum Valley Keran Neelum Valley 5500
3 Waadi Resort Sharda Neelum Valley Kishan ghatti road 700m Main Bazar 9500
4 Keran Resort Neelam Valley Keran Village Neelam valley 3500
5 State Continental Guest House Mankaro Sharda, Neelum Valley 4000
6 Neelum Green Land Hotel Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir 4500
7 Zoom Guest House Sharda Neelum Valley 4500
8 Gillani Hotel Upper Neelum, 2 Km from Keran 3500
9 Musk Deer Resort Arang Kail, Kail, Neelum Valley 3500
10 Paradise Lodges Main Keran Road, Neelum Valley 4500
11 New Al Habib Guest House Shounter Road Lamipati Kel, Neelum Valley 4500
12 Keran Excellency Resort Main Bazar Chowk, Keran, Neelum Valley 3500
13 Dream Valley Guest House Arrang Kel Neelum Valley 3500
14 Sharda Residency Sharda Main Bazar, Neelum Valley 9000
15 Keran Residency 300m after Keran Bazar, Keran, Neelum Valley 4500
16 Highland Hotel Sharda, Neelum Valley 2500
17 Kashmir Colors Guest House Keran, Neelum Valley 2500
18 Elysium Inn Guest House Arang Kel, Neelum Valley 3500
19 Corner Cottage Guest House Keran Neelum Valley 5000
20 Pop Eyes Guest House Arrang Kel Neelum Valley Ajk 5500


21 Keran Resort Keran Neelum Valley 7000
22 IBEX COTTAGE KUTTON, Neelum Valley 5000
23 Mir Continental Hotel Keran, Neelum Valley 4500
24 Midway Lodges Neelum Valley Road Bata, Kundalshai 4950
25 Apex Inn Trackers Mankro , Sharda , Neelum Valley
26 keran highland Resort Keran،, Neelum Valley Road AJK
27 Neelum Good View Neelum Valley Road, Keran

All these rate list are for 2 person room. So, it is good for couple to have double bed room. 1 person standard room charges are low as compare to 2 person room rent. All these hotels are neat and clean and their environment is very good. When you look outside from window; there is beautiful mountain view. This scene is eye catching and most beautiful.

Traditional Famous Food of Azad Kashmir

If you visit Azad Kashmir and stay in Neelum Valley Hotels then you should also knowledge about traditional Azad Kashmir food/dishes. Few famous dishes and food are list here. You should try these.

  • Goshtaba
  • Maithi Maaz
  • Murg Yakhni
  • Kashmiri Pulao
  • Red Beans / Lobia with Bakarkhani
  • Namkeen Tea & Kashmiri Kulcha

Hope it will be helpful for your trip in Neelum Valley. Share your reviews with us.

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